15 September 2015

B - 3

Friday is the start of the BIFHSGO conference so today, Tuesday 15 September, is B - 3 and counting.

With the results of the 2015 Rockstar Genealogist vote now being revealed we know that three of the speakers are high in the rankings. That's an achievement as 151 people, many well known in the family history community internationally, were nominated.

Last year Janet Few was a Gold Rockstar Genealogist as voted by those in England, Scotland and Wales  This year she achieved a Silver award.

Christine Woodcock stormed into the ratings voted Silver Rockstar Genealogist by those in Canada.

Thomas MacEntee, a perennial favoutite, is a double winner, voted Bronze Rockstar Genealogist internationally and by voters in Australia/New Zealand.

It's too late to register online but walk-in's are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Is it really possible to register at the door? On the website it says that registration closed last week, and there is no indication that in-person, last minute registrations are possible.

JDR said...

I've checked. It's an oversight. Walk-in registration is possible, and welcome. Thanks for pointing that out.