17 September 2015

B - 1

Friday is the start of the BIFHSGO conference so today, Thursday 17 September, is B - 1 and almost there.

It's a relief to conference organizers to hear that speakers from a distance have arrived. Janet Few arrived in Canada on Wednesday, Maureen Taylor arrives today, Thomas MacEntee flies in from Chicago tomorrow morning. There are a fair number of local speakers where travel disruption isn't a concern.

Christine Woodcock posted on her blog Top Ten Canadian Genealogists Are .....Well.... NOT CANADIAN.  As it refers to the Rockstar Genealogist poll how can I resist the mention.

Christine, who isn't reticent to express an opinion, has kind words to say about the nationality of speakers at the BIFHSGO conference compared to the recent OGS conference in Barrie. I don't exactly share Christine's views; she does an injustice to OGS, that from someone who quit the Society when it became too expensive. But I like that Christine is prepared to express her views and look forward to introducing her Friday morning seminar In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors: Search Your Roots, Discover Your Heritage.

It's too late to register to attend the conference online but walk-in registrants are welcome.

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Christine Woodcock said...

Thanks for sharing my post, John. I respect that we have a difference of opinions. However, I have had an outpouring from other Canadian genealogists who share my feelings. I am hoping they too will share publicly. Perhaps our difference of opinion stems from the fact that you are on the outside looking in and we are on the inside looking around and wondering how everything went so terribly wrong.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!