28 May 2018

Ancestry updates Canadian Passenger List database

Ancestry announce that the Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 has 7,276,372 entries. As usual, no indication how much has been added or changed.


judylynne said...

Beyond the issue of never knowing what has been added or changed on Ancestry updates, lies the question of the quality of the transcription -- or lack thereof. I have been using Ancestry files for years as I research World War I soldiers from Gravenhurst and environs. The word 'Gravenhurst' alone has been transcribed in at least a hundred different spellings to say nothing of names of people and places. I have sent dozens of 'edits' through their form on each record, but to no avail. It would seem as though there is absolutely no quality control. Has anyone found a way to get through to Ancestry editors? Surely they have a way of globally editing records to at least 'fix' all the versions of Gravenhurst. And beyond that, with the relatively expensive subscription fees, shouldn't we be able to expect a little more quality for our money?

Anonymous said...

Can to tell me who to contact about an error in the Can. Passenger List?
Thank you! Peggy BC.