14 May 2018

St. Peter's Cathedral Archives, Charlottetown, DHCP Grant

St Peter’s Cathedral in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island received funding from the Documentary Heritage Communities Program of Library and Archives Canada in 2016 to produce a strategic plan (pdf) for its archival operations, covering a 3- to 5-year time horizon.
As announced on Thursday the Cathedral Archives was awarded $99,558 DHCP funding to implement the plan for "Processing and Providing Access to 150 Years of Archives"
Digitization is part of the plan, a small part.  Priorities for digitization will be identified based on strategic needs, such as the Cathedral anniversary in 2019, and procedures developed, implemented and incorporated for ongoing digitization activities as a continuing archival task.
Congratulations to the Archives for the deliberate approach which undoubtedly helped in gaining the DHCP funding.

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