15 May 2018

Mugshot Mayhem

The non-profit Vancouver Police Historical Society which operates the Vancouver Police Museum and Archives was awarded $14,478 in the most recent round of the Documentary Heritage Communities Program. Seven projects in British Columbia received funding.

The project, entitled Mugshot Mayhem, will digitize two volumes of police mugshot books from 1900 to 1918. That's about 1,600 individuals. Each photo is accompanied by a description which may include name, address, description of the person including identifying marks, description and date of the event and any past convictions.

Library and Archives Canada DHCP funding is expected to be augmented by support through the Department of Canadian Heritage's Young Canada Works program offering summer jobs and internships in museums and related organizations for Canada’s youth.
All work for Mugshot Mayhem will be done in-house.
Thanks to Rosslyn Shipp, Museum Director, for the information.

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