07 May 2018

Ontario Making the Largest Investment in Public Libraries in a Generation

Just in time for the election the Ontario government announces a library initiative. With the sub-head "Province Boosting Access to Technology, Digital Library Resources" the relevant press release reads:

Ontario is making the largest investment in public libraries in a generation, and improving access to technology, digital services and training opportunities at public libraries in towns, cities and Indigenous communities across the province. 

Daiene Vernile, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, was at the Kitchener Public Library today to announce new support for Ontario's libraries through the 2018 Budget.  

A new provincial Digital Public Library will be created that will make digital library services such as e-books, audiobooks, digital databases and learning resources available for free to people across Ontario, regardless of where they live. In total, 300 public libraries across the province will be supported, including those in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

In addition the province is also boosting annual funding for libraries by $51 million over three years, to ensure that public libraries can continue to be essential spaces for people to access cultural experiences, technology and community life. These new investments will support libraries across Ontario as they continue to respond to the needs of their residents with innovative services, no matter the size of the community.

The provincial Digital Public Library, a $28-million commitment over three years. There's no further detail and the whole initiative is presumably contingent on the Liberals returning to government.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Quebec City, where there was NO PUBLIC LIBRARY. Luckily the I.O.D.E. ( women's charitable group) had a library in our school, which we could visit once every two weeks.
I have always been an admirer of Andrew Carnegie who gave money for public libraries in Canada and elsewhere.Two or three Carnegie supported libraries were built in Ottawa, 10 in Toronto area. Many were built in small towns.

This Ontario initiative can only be a good thing!
Anne Sterling-Ottawa