25 May 2018

TheGenealogist releases Metropolitan Police Habitual Criminal Registers

The following is a press release.

TheGenealogist has added to its Criminal Records collections with the release of the Metropolitan Police Criminal Records Office: Habitual Criminals Registers and the Habitual Drunkards Registers.

These are high quality transcripts with original colour images of the registers, as well as registers created by the Police to supervise released criminals. 
One of the most interesting features of these records are the photographic portraits taken from the Registers of Habitual Drunkards. These feature two photographs, face on and profile per individual Some records may also give distinguishing features. The Habitual Drunkards Registers were distributed to licensed premises and the secretaries of clubs to prevent the convicted person from buying alcohol.
Entries contain a description of the individual and date of discharge from prison.

Some records may also give distinguishing features of the individual.
See face on and profile Photographs of habitual drunks.

It may also give the name of the prison, length of sentence and previous convictions.

Includes registers created by the Police to supervise released criminals including spies!

All aspects of society are featured in these records on TheGenealogist.

These new records from The National Archive’s MEPO 6 are available as part of the Diamond Subscription at TheGenealogist.

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