10 May 2018

MyHeritage adds Health Family Tree in Beta

"The Health Family Tree is a private and secure area on your MyHeritage family site, intended to help you document the health conditions of your close family members, both living and deceased, in one convenient place. It's a new feature in beta mode."

The purpose as stated by MyHeritage is to summarize information in a convenient list format to be shared with your physician or healthcare professional, so they could learn about health conditions that run in your family.

People get concerned about privacy of health information. MyHeritage states "To assure maximum privacy, nobody but you can see the Health Family Tree. Not even your own family members on your family site."

"You can optionally privatize the list so that no names appear; this way, the relationships of the relevant family members to you – the most critical information for your healthcare provider – will be used to identify them instead."

Read the MyHeritage blog post at https://blog.myheritage.com/2018/05/introducing-the-health-family-tree/

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