02 May 2018

Social History for Genealogists: How They Lived

Findmypast offer occasional webinars the most recent being Social History for Genealogists presented by Manchester historian and genealogist Michala Hulme.

At the start the following key questions, not all covered in the presentation, are specified:

What was the street like where they lived? How much did they earn?
How big was their house?
What did they do to socialise?
What social class were they?
Were they political?
What did they do in their leisure time?

A major take away is the importance of newspapers.

You can skip the first two and a half minutes of introduction. The presentation goes to about minute 50 after which there's a Q/A period.

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Gail B said...

I've been talking to several other genealogists just this week about my lack of interest so much in the BMD's or DNA as I am with the local history of the places they lived in, and how they lived, what it was like.

This if far more interesting to many than the hatched, matched and dispatched.

Thanks for this, John