14 May 2018

Mining Durham's Hidden Depths'

Find 225,164 names in an index to the Durham Miners' Association trade union records. A major project from 2009 to 2010 at the Durham County Record Office, produced by over 100 volunteers, Mining Durham's Hidden Depths' is a still growing collection.

With records from over 300 collieries, the earliest I could find were from 1875, the latest 1973.

You can search Durham's Hidden Depths by keyword, or select from options to search by name/age/occupation/colliery/lodge/other location/date/event/document reference. There is also a link on the search page to browse by name.
If you find a name in the database you can purchase a copy of the original document. However, many of the records indexed are simple lists of workers' names, often with initials rather than full names. The original document may not contain much more information than the index. Other records give a surprising amount of detail about individual miners, their injuries and their dependents. The union records include accident compensation records. 

via a tweet from Jackie Depelle.

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