24 May 2018

Gender Equality of the Vote in Canadian Federal Elections

One hundred years ago today in Canada, 24 May 1918, An Act to Confer the Electoral Franchise upon Women S.C. 1918, c. 20 became law enshrining that "women who are British subjects, 21 years of age, and otherwise meet the qualifications entitling a man to vote, are entitled to vote in a Dominion election. In effect January 1, 1919."
It was not until 6 December 1921, resulting in a slim minority Liberal government, that the opportunity became available for a woman to cast a ballot in a General Election although they had already done so in 19 by-elections.
In the UK women were enfranchised and got to vote in the election of 14 December 1918 won by the wartime coalition government.

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