07 May 2018

Inspiration from Legacy Family Tree Webinars

One of the most inspiring presentations I've witnessed was given recently by Gilad Japhet, founder of MyHeritage. He is not only a genealogy entrepreneur, he's also a skilled family history researcher. The combination is powerful.  I liked that he said:

The most precious resource for genealogy, and the most perishable, are people. The most important task for a genealogist is to meet your family members and document their stories while you still can. Every relatives that dies takes with them a treasury of memories that is lost forever.
The presentation was billed as "Special Appearance by the Founder and CEO of MyHeritage". I hope you'll find it as enjoyable and information as I did, https://familytreewebinars.com/download.php?webinar_id=791

At 8 pm ET Wednesday 9 May Cyndi Ingle, of Cyndi's List renown, will present The Hidden Web: Digging Deeper
When Google and traditional search engines don't return useful information, don't stop there. We will explore resources that are invisible to Google and hidden deep within web sites and proprietary databases. The "hidden web" lies buried within the collections for commercial web sites, libraries, archives, and museums. We will also talk about the importance of indexes that deep-link into web  sites online, thus uncovering hidden gems of information that may not be found easily through a search engine query.
Register to attend at https://familytreewebinars.com/webinar_details.php?webinar_id=729

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