26 May 2018

Ireland (military), Lancashire (POW), Worcestershire (probate) and records added to Findmypast

The following is from the Findmypast weekly press release

Ireland, British Army Officers 1914-1918
Discover military ancestors in this index of over 1,500 records obtained through the (free) Our Heroes website. Our Heroes provides photographs and biographical notes of the officers of Irish regiments as well as Irish officers of British regiments who were killed in action or who were mentioned for distinguished conduct between August 1914 and July 1916.

Transcripts reveal a variety of details including the officer's birth year, rank, regiment, death date, age at death, burial plot, whether or not they were killed in action and a link to their portrait on the source's website. Many will also include additional notes revealing details of their service and next of kin.

South Lancashire Regiment Prisoners Of War 1914-1918
Discover South Lancashire Regiment ancestor in this index of over 2,800 prisoners of war from 1914 to 1918. This collection has been obtained through the Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.

Each result will provide you with a transcript of some or all of the following fields: last name, soldier number, rank, regiment, year, where held and any additional notes. Some records may even contain details of the soldier's "adopter" as the Regimental Care Committee for Prisoners of War of the South Lancashire Regiment encouraged individuals to sponsor prisoners. Sponsors would then take on the responsibility of paying for their adopted soldier.

Comment: The original database, free here, has 2,847 entries. There's a second database of 655 South Lancashire Prisoners of War Public Sponsors.

Worcestershire probate index 1600-1858
Over 11,000 additional records are added to the Worcestershire probate index. There are four types of records in this index: grants of administration, administrations with will annexed, limited (where the entire estate of the deceased is not covered), and wills. The Bishop's Court had jurisdiction over all the probate in the diocese, which covered part of Warwickshire as well as Worcestershire, until 1858.

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