01 May 2018

OGS May Webinar: Lesley Anderson

Thursday, May 3, 2018 – 7:00 p.m. ET
Presentation: Using AncestryDNA with your Family History
Presenter: Lesley Anderson

"Do you want to know about your personal story? Where your deep roots came from? Perhaps you are just curious to know what the results might be? Whatever your starting point AncestryDNA will reveal more of your own story and it's amazingly helpful to genealogy research. 
By capturing a person's unique genetic data, AncestryDNA can provide customers with a break-down of their genetic  ethnicity, as well as find genetic living cousins, confirm existing research and relationships and overcome brick walls or dead-ends in their family history research. When coupled with Ancestry's billions of historical records, millions of family trees and strong member community, AncestryDNA will enable family enthusiasts and novices alike to discover even more about their own past!"

Webinar descriptions and links to register for this free webinar are on the OGS website.

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