08 May 2018

Health reports from raw DNA

Janine Adams on her blog Organize Your Family History points to a very time-limited offer from Promethease, a company that generate health reports based on your autosomal DNA results. The offer, for a free account and free, downloadable report, expires Thursday, May 10, 2018. The regular price is $5 US.

Read Janine's blog post here. Then consider whether this is information you want. Realize that "most published reports about DNA variations explain only a small part of the heritability of a trait, and they also don't take into account how different variants might interact. In addition, published reports typically ignore environmental, dietary, microbial, medical history and lifestyle factors, any or all of which may well affect my true risk for any trait or disease."

Please do read the company privacy policy before proceeding with the test.

Thanks to Jane Down for the tip.

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Toni said...

I was able to upload my DNA but there isn't any way to make an account. The next page after upload complete says you can make an account after you pay. since there is no pay button I wasn't able to finish. I emailed twice and no response.