29 May 2018

Webinars for this week

One of two of the blog regular readers may be interested in this week's Legacy Family Tree Webinar:

The Palatine Immigrants: Tracing and Locating 18th Century German Immigrants Online, to be presented by Luana Darby

Discover how to track your Palatine ancestors who traveled from Germany to the colonies in the 1700s, using techniques that will assist you in determining their place of origin. Use migration patterns of their family and friends to help you in your research. Learn more about online sources of original records for this area that you can research from home.
If that's outside your field of interest, consider reviewing some of the archived presentations from Rootstech, those of British and Irish interest are linked:

RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2018: MyHeritage

Source Citations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Diana Elder

Reconstruct Your Ancestor’s World with Google: Lisa Louise Cooke

Day One: Capture Life as You Live It: Adam Daly

RootsTech General Session 2018: Brandon Stanton

Unlocking Roman Catholic Records: Brian Donovan

Choosing Details: The Secret to Compelling Stories: Laura Hedgecock

MyHeritage DNA 101: From Test to Results: Yaniv Erlich

A Gift of Life: Who's Writing Your Story?: Deborah Abbott

Google Photos: Collect, Organize, Preserve and Share: Michelle Goodrum

RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2018: findmypast

How Not to Leave Your Genealogy Behind: Amy Johnson Crow and Curt Witcher

Search All the Jurisdictions and Find More Records: Laurie Castillo

findmypast’s British and Irish Hidden Gems: Myko Clelland

Hidden Treasures in the Library of Congress: Byron Holdiman

Finding Elusive Records at FamilySearch: Robert Kehrer

Online Genealogy for Beginners and Beyond: Lisa Alzo

Finding the Right DNA Test for You: Jim Brewster

RootsTech General Session 2018: Scott Hamilton

RootsTech General Session 2018: Natalia Lafourcade

RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2018: Ancestry

Pain in the Access: More Web for Your Genealogy: Curt Witcher

RootsTech General Session 2018: Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Civil Registration Indexes of England and Wales: Audrey Collins

Online Does Not Equal Free: Copyright Issues for Genealogy: Janice Sellers

You CAN Take It With You: Mobile Genealogy: Judy Muhn

Use FaceBook and FREE Apps to Engage Family: Jamie Wade and Kelli Shipp

Advancing Your Genealogy Research with DNA: Anna Swayne


Anonymous said...

"One of two of the regular blog readers might be interested ..." As one of the two regular blog readers in my house, I have to presume that my husband will be interested in the webinar about the Palatine immigrants.
Helen Billing

Celia Lewis said...

Let me add my two-bits' worth to recommending people watch Audrey Collins' talk - she was marvellous!! Clear, concise, humourous, with so much helpful information! Highly recommended.