Wednesday, 10 April 2019

British Newspaper Archive Coverage

Every time I look at the British Newspaper Archive I wonder about why there never seems to be anything new of interest for my family history.
This bar chart shows part of the reason. On the basis of pages digitized, normalized for 1901 population, there is far more content for Ireland than other parts of the British Isles — more than twice as much for Ireland as England.
Not that all of England is so neglected. Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire (including Bristol) have more pages per capita than Ireland.
Others in the top ten English counties are Northumberland, Westmorland, Devon, Warwickshire, Cumberland, Buckinghamshire, and Suffolk. London comes in at 11th.
The most neglected counties are Middlesex, Surrey, Essex and Rutland.

The year with the best coverage is 1892.

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