Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Catholic Marriages in the Outaouais and Eastern Ontario

In her Gene-O-Rama presentation on Ottawa area genealogical resources at LAC last Saturday, Mary Munk mentioned Jacques-Henri Fabien (d. 1974) and the more than 250,000 index cards drawn mainly from parish registers he compiled. It covers mostly marriages from 1657 to 1974 with the marriage date, names of spouses and their fathers and mothers, as well as the parish where the event took place for the oldest Catholic parishes in the Outaouais area. They were made available on microfilm and subsequently in the Héritage collection. Search for Fabien and find digital microfilm reels H-1023 to H-1047, but not in numerical order and mixed with other films.
This table might help locate the film you need.

Surname RangeMicrofilm Number
A - BelairH-1023
Bellaire - BoisvertH-1024
Boisvert - BrunetH-1025
Brunet - CharbonneauH-1026
Charbonneau - ColeH-1027
Cole - DaveyH-1028
Davey - D'AurayH-1029
Dore - FaunelH-1030
Fauvette - GauthierH-1031
Gauthier - GuerinH-1032
Guerin - Joyal-LanfreniereH-1033
Joyal - LaframboiseH-1034
Laframboise - LaperiereH-1035
Laperriere - LeBlancH-1036
Leblanc - LeRoyH-1037
Le Royer - MartinH-1038
Martin - MenardH-1039
Menard - OakleyH-1040
Obery - PerierH-1041
Perier - ProvotH-1042
Provot - RochonH-1043
Rochon - SeguinH-1044
Seguin - TailleferH-1045
Taillefer - VezeauH-1046
Vezeau - ZH-1047

I would not spend times on this resource if you have ready access to the Drouin collection.

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