Tuesday, 2 April 2019

New Ancestry Canada advertising

Here's a challenge. How would you advise Ancestry.ca to advertise? Like all companies, it needs new customers. It wants to attract the attention of those not presently into family history while not alienating existing customers.

Ancestry.ca's latest TV ads, which start running today, are "designed so viewers feel like they’re watching a historical drama – with stories including a family grappling with the decision to leave Ireland for Canada during the potato famine, a brave young man with a weak heart finding out if his doctor will allow him to sign up for WWI, and an interracial couple fleeing the US to get married in Canada during the 1860s."

As explained by Ancestry, the idea is that with each story, you are dropped into a dramatic turning point in someone’s family history, but then right at the climax, it cuts out, showing that these discoveries and life-changing decisions about our ancestors can be discovered with Ancestry. And without you making those discoveries, the story stops there.

Here they are:

What do you think? Are they likely to be effective in attracting new customers? Or do you think folks would rather see the Bathfitter ad again?


K said...

Advertise more More Free Weekends on television. Doesn't even have to a weekend...just a Saturday (WITHOUT HAVING TO GIVE A CREDIT CARD NUMBER). If they did one free day a month....people would get the hang of the system....find what they are looking for...get hooked...and want more, so would sign up. Ancestry is too expensive for people who are afraid that they might not find anything = money wasted, or who don't know how to search properly. To sum up, once people start to find their records, they will sign up.

The second thing is most people are uncomfortable paying with a credit card on-line. Major banks get hacked, major companies get hacked, its only a matter of time before personal information is stolen from Ancestry too. So, if Ancestry announced in their commercials that people can pay over the phone with their credit card number, and get instant access, that would also encourage people to sign up.

Teresa said...

And, of course, what they don't mention, is that one can use Ancestry for free at many public libraries with Ancestry Library Edition. While you can't link records directly to your tree, you can download and save them and manually attach to an online tree or add to a desktop app.