Thursday, 18 April 2019

Town Plans for 1820s Scotland

The National Library of Scotland has placed online a digitized collection of over 60 town plan maps of Scottish towns by mapmaker John Wood (1780-1747).

If your ancestor set sail from Stornoway for Canada the Plan of the Town and Harbour of Stornaway, Island of Lewis, from actual survey. 1821 might be of interest.

From 1822 there's Map of the ten parishes within the Royalty and the parishes of Gorbals Barony of Glasgow

Each map is linked to a description from an 1828 publication Principal Towns of Scotland to Accompany Wood's Town Atlas from the Internet Archive.

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CM said...

This is fascinating. It would be so helpful if you could provide a link to the collection instead of just one item. i'm having trouble finding the main page for this. Thank you!