Saturday, 20 April 2019

OPL Beaverbrook Digitization Lab

OPL cardholders now have free access to equipment for DIY image scanning (scan and digitize photographs, slides, negatives and save them to USB or to the cloud, VHS conversion (record DVDs of old VHS cassette tapes; and conversion of 8mm and Super 8 films to SD card.
I ventured out to Beaverbrook (Kanata) to try the image scanning of slides and film negatives using the equipment in the photo. After a brief training session from Jennifer, the OPL staffer in charge, I was able to successfully digitize both types and save to my USB drive. The trickiest part was getting accustomed to how things are done on a Mac. Quality of the digitized image was excellent.
Depending on the resolution set, I chose 600 dpi, scanning can take a while. It's a good idea to carefully select the material you want to digitize before you arrive. There are limits on how much time you can reserve and how often.
There were two others in the room using other equipment while I was there. If it continues to be so popular I'd imagine other branches might also acquire similar equipment.

Read an OPL blog post about the official opening of the facility.

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Teresa said...

That's so cool! I used to go to the Beaverbrook branch while living in Kanata :) The library where I work offers the same scanning service and I'm the one who does the training. People have been thrilled they can now digitize their precious memories.