Saturday, 13 April 2019

Findmypast Focus on Devon

A relatively modest addition this week, over 23,000 new records from the English county of Devon.

Devon, Port Books
This new collection covers ships administered in the Devon ports of Appledore, Barnstaple and Bideford between 1595 and 1705. The 7,764 records reveal:

The names of the ship's masters and merchants
The ship's name and the year it was entered in the port book
The ship's cargo, tonnage and trade type
The ship's registry, administration, departure and destination ports

Devon Baptisms
Four early Devon parish registers, from the 1500s to 1750 are added:

Appledore, Independent Chapel
Appledore, Ebenezer Baptist Chapel
Appledore, Methodist Chapel
Bideford, Methodist Circuit

With these additions, the total Devon Baptisms collection is 2,706,855 records from 1529 to 1999.

Devon Burials
Devon burial records are augmented with those from the parish of Northam. The collection now totals 2,110,592 records from 1320 to 1988.

Devon, Land Tax and Valuation Records
Records from Northam and Clovelly have been added to this collection giving information on:

The land owner's and occupier's names
The year or year range that the events were recorded
The year the valuation took place
The sum of money paid on the property.

There are now 259,054 records from 1777 to 1910.


Sophronia said...

I believe all of these records are already available FREE through GENUKI Devon. I know the Port Books are. As a senior I cannot afford to subscribe to the multitude of sites like FMP and Ancestry so use the free resources. Before advertising for commercial sites, perhaps you should check to see if what they are offering isn't free elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Thanks John. Will work on the Devon stuff. Leaving for there next month. This past week I interviewed a local historian from the village my Snell family lived for about 100 years in Warwickshire, Wolston. Fascinating. He has given me a CD of a book (well, I paid 6 pounds for it) which includes old pics of the village he has been collecting from the oldest people there for the last 40 years. Wonderful!!! Cheers, BT