Friday, 19 April 2019

LAC Co-Lab Update

Here's an update on Co-Lab projects since last month.


Legendary Train Robber and Prison Escapee Bill Miner is 58% complete (56% last month).

The Call to Duty: Canada's Nursing Sisters is 74% complete (72% last month).

Rosemary Gilliat (Eaton)’s Arctic diary and photographs is 35% complete (34% last month).

New France and First Nations Relations is 39% complete (22% last month).


War Diaries of the First World War: 1st Canadian Division is 92% complete.

Japanese-Canadians: Second World War is 64% complete.


The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918–1919.

Correspondence between Sir Robert Borden and Sir Sam Hughes.

Letters from Wilfrid Laurier to Zoé Lafontaine/Laurier.

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