Sunday, 7 April 2019

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

The Boat Race
Unless you're reading this early you will have missed this year's version of the Boat Race, the annual rowing contest between crews from Cambridge and Oxford University Boat Clubs on the River Thames which starts just after 9 am EDT.

An Interactive Map Of London's Magnificent Seven Cemeteries

Thousands of Ireland’s ring forts to be documented in new social media account

One in a million: The story of an Ottawa family tree, as the city's population approaches a milestone
Ottawa Citizen article

Smart City Technologies in Canada
Be aware of the privacy implications of smart city technologies

Are top CEOs underpaid?
Read the comments too!

Professor Risk

David Spiegelhalter's proper title is Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk. He is in two minds (literally) about playing it safe or chucking caution to the wind. Decisions, decisions!? Are bacon sandwiches really that dangerous and is it wise to drive when you love cycling? David shows us how to use statistics to face up to life's major risks. See also his Personal Home Page.

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