25 July 2020

CWGC Update

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is an example of an organization that's not been at rest during the pandemic.
There's a new logo and a refreshed website at the old address.

Weekly CWG Live webinars are being presented on Zoom, the latest was Emotional Responses to the Work of the CWGC presented by Public Engagement Coordinator, Megan Kelleher. There's an archive of previous presentations.

Next Thursday at 1 pm BST (8 am ET) the topic is Passchendaele ( The Third Battle of Ypres)

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Paul Milner said...

Not what I wanted to hear John. That means refreshing all my slides for a WWI presentation next week, one of 19 talks that are part of my Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research track on Scottish research - which like everything else is virtual this year. But thanks for the heads up.