18 July 2020

Findmypast Weekly Additions: Surrey BMBs

Over a million new records from Findmypast, most with transcripts linked to images of the original record.

Surrey Baptisms: over 558,000 records from 126 Surrey parishes added to this collection. Dates are typically 1846 to 1912 with some dating into the 16th century.

Surrey Marriages:  over 438,000 additional marriage records from 182 Surrey parishes typically dating from 1659 to 1933.

Surrey Burials: over 330,000 records added from 121 parishes typically from 1633 to 1957.

Check the Surrey Parish List for details of the individual parishes with time frames covered. There's a nice map of parishes at http://wsfhs.co.uk/pages/parishmap.php/.

These records are from holdings of the Surrey History Centre . Transcripts were made by the West Surrey Family History Society, meaning probably by people familiar with the local area.  It would be a courtesy if FMP gave credit to both with links to their websites in the blog post announcing these additions.

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