20 July 2020

Further Blog Posts from the Derbyshire Record Office

It's a month since my last post on blog items from the Derbyshire Record Office. Here are the new items. Again, although you may not have Derbyshire ancestry don't dismiss these; many of the posts have information of more widespread interest.

Coronors' Inquests and Other Records 
Lead Mining Records
Family History from Newspaper Reports of  Court Proceedings
Records of Crime and Punishment
The Bolsover Spitfires: 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain
School and College Archives
Coal Mining Records
Anglican Ecclesiastical Records 
Building Control Plans
Wonderful Words
Divorce Records

1 comment:

MsAncestry said...

Thank goodness I have Derbyshire ancestors and subscribe the the archives blog! They have done such good work during these Covid times.