21 July 2020

The Carmarthenshire Historian, and Newfoundland

Why this map of Newfoundland?

Published from 1961 to 1985 The Carmarthenshire Historian was "an attempt to stimulate interest in Local History; to encourage you to take a greater and deeper interest in the life of your village, your community and your county; to inspire you to find out what motives, fears and desires actuated our predecessors.
Issues were digitized by Chris Jones and are now available through The Internet Archive. He identified the following highlights, in no particular order:

Miss Nightingale Grieves to Say... - An extraordinary letter from an extraordinary woman.
Marching with Thomas Skeel - Follow the adventures of a Laugharne soldier.
The Footprints of a Master Craftsman - An independent soul.
Corporal Davies Goes to War - The Crimea: a foot soldier's perspective.
Alcwyn Caryni Evans 1828-1902 - Teacher, Historian, Landlord.
Madam Bevan - Pioneer of education in South Wales.
Loitering in Guildhall Square, Carmarthen - Do you recognise this?
A Saint and His Progeny - A fascinating portrayal of a prominent Methodist minister.
The Borough of Llanelly - An account of Llanelli, and the growth of its local government.
History of the Mynydd Mawr - Natural beauty, Anthracite, Rebecca.
Pentwyn Academy - A place to think.
An Arcadian In Parliament - William Williams, M.P.
Glo Garreg: Memories of the Anthracite Coalfield - From pit to Cabinet, memories of an MP.

There's also an outline index at http://carmarthenshirehistorian.org/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Historian/WebTopicList/. Click the link and wait for the Internet Archive version and click again; sadly none of the image links are preserved although they are in the pdfs.

The map of Newfoundland is in the article Life in Seventeenth Century Carmarthenshire relates to a 1617 attempt to establish a Welsh colony on the island.

Sadly I didn't find anything about Messrs Jones String Band; that's another blog post!

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