11 July 2020

Family Tree Magazine: August 2020

Wayne Shepheard emailed to let me know about his latest article published in the UK Family Tree magazine.

In 7-pages, with lots of illustrations, he "investigates the significance of castles in the world of our Early Medieval ancestors, exploring their rise and demise, and providing hints to help you trace your family connections."

If you associate Wayne and climate you won't be surprised that he makes a connection to the Little Ice Age and The centuries-long Medieval Warm Period!

Also in this issue:

- The Family Historian’s Guide to Maps – find new online map collections to research from home and explore your ancestors’ worlds

- Research the 1939 Register in-depth – learn how to find new clues from this awesome wartime ‘census’ in the Academy family history training module this issue

- VJ Day remembered – reflecting on the end of the Second World War in Japan 75 years ago, and our ancestors rebuilding their lives in a post-war world

- Improve your research skills – Learn why you should always check the originals. Discover the genealogical gems you may uncover when you take the time to look at original documents

- Reader house history story – A murderer and a fraudster hanged for his crimes were just two of the characters uncovered in this true tale research

- How to use newspapers for local history – a mini guide for swift research results.

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Teresa said...

Looking forward to this issue! It hasn't arrived at the library where I work yet and I'm wondering if it's been lost in the post. Might have to buy the digital issue!!