13 July 2020

Wednesday BIFHSGO Event: Treasures and The Truth: Vlogging to Record Family

Everyone is welcome. on Wednesday, 15 July at 7:30 pm for a Zoom event. Advance registration required.

Treasures and The Truth: Vlogging to Record Family
with Lianne Kruger

Do you have family treasures that have been handed down through the generations and you have them now? Do you like them? Do your children like them? Do you have room for them? Do you want them out of the house as soon as possible but you can't just throw them away because there are too many memories. Do you want to record history of houses or areas the family has lived? Have you written a family history and realized that no one wants to read it? This session will discuss ways to record these items and history so that future generations will know their family history in a way the next generation will enjoy, through pictures and video.

About the Speaker
Lianne Kruger began genealogy as a youth on family trips to relatives and graveyards; continued as a teenager at the Family Hsitory Library in front of a microfilm reader with a list of names to look for; and as a young mother researching her paternal line back to the first European landowner of Canada. She volunteers with Alberta Genealogical Society, Ancestry.ca advisory board and mitoYDNA.

Find out more and register at https://bifhsgo.ca/eventListings.php?nm=127#er532

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