09 July 2020

Journal of One Name Studies: July - September 2020

Two articles by Canadians feature in the new issue of Journal of One-Name Studies.
Some Perils of Online Databases by Wayne Shepheard, who tackles how to handle transcription and other errors twixt document and online database.
A Comedy of Names by Fraser Dunford, shows the confusion arising when combining a switch of forenames with an error in the original document.

Other main articles are;

The Origin(s) of the Surname Turbott in Ireland by Garth John Turbott
Mr Blix: A Norwegian Engineer in Western Australia and his Photo Album by Edwina Shooter
Measuring Social Change by Surname Analysis: The Tarascan Model by Joel Thurtell, the kind of analysis that keeps me interested in the Guild. Sadly, has some editorial problems.
The Dunsfords of Bradninch and York: A Tale of the Unexpected by Robert Dunsford
Completing the Challenge by Melody McKay Burton
On the Wrong Side of the Law Seminar Report by Alison Boulton
The Pyne families of Somerset: a brief ‘One-Name’ survey by Jeremy Pyne


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