15 July 2020

Irish Surname Maps

Complementing the maps made available by John Grenham, Barry Griffin has made available maps based on the 1901 and 1911 censuses of Ireland for those with occupation farmer and for different religious affiliations.


If your name of interest isn't included there's an address to write with a request.

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Judy Lynn in Ontario said...

These maps and stats are interesting but much more so would be any such compilation for earlier centuries. Has anyone ever generated stats or maps or other info re family surnames for Ireland or for Northern Ireland for say the 18th Century when census taking as we know it did not exist or for the 19th Century when census data began to be accumulated. My husband's family came to the Ottawa Valley in, I believe, the late 18th Century. My own family, transplanted Scots, emigrated from Ireland in approximately 1825. I would love to see some information about those time periods with reference to our two family names.