29 July 2020

The National Brewery Centre Archive

The UK National Brewery Centre in Burton on Trent is "home to an unrivalled array of historical collections that relate to brewing. This includes an extensive archive of ledgers, books, plans, photographs and film from the breweries around the UK; a library containing brewing-related books and journals and objects that include paintings, ceramics, glass, bottles, cans, beer mats and Inn-signs."

Online find many of the more popular items in the collection, such as photos of historic pubs, breweries, brewing equipment, packaging and advertising. Items are continually being added.



Mike More said...

I wonder if Canada has something. One of my ancestors brothers was a brewer in Quebec City in the mid 1800s. He died relatively young and apparently the brewery was taken over by some guy named John Molson.

Gail B said...

My husband I collected not just coasters from pubs in our years in the U.K, but also beer mats that our favourites off-license and 'craft' pub places gave to us. We have had our old favourite coasters made into a large framed (artistically set, we think) piece that hangs in our family room. We use the beer mats daily.

On one of our recent forays into the U.K. we discovered very few pubs had original coasters anymore as so many have been taken over by conglomerates and become gastro-pubs. One wonders if any of those original coasters and mats are collected in these archives.