02 July 2020

Héritage Collection Transcription Crowdsourcing Project

The CRKN (Canadian Research Knowledge Network) Transcription Project is a pilot initiative to crowdsource transcriptions for content in the Héritage collection, part of the Canadiana collections.

It launches initially with staff from 12 participating member institutions.

Participating institutions will use a transcription crowdsourcing tool developed by CRKN Associate Member Our Digital World to transcribe four collections contained in Héritage, which include both English and French materials. They are:
  • Collection de la famille Beauharnois
  • Department of Indian Affairs : Office of the Civil Secretary in the Province of Canada, 1844-1861
  • Fonds Louis-Honoré Fréchette
  • War Diaries of the First World War 
These transcriptions will be used by the CRKN team to enhance full-text search and metadata.

The pilot phase involves CRKN member institutions. In the future, it might be extended to include genealogical and family history societies, and individuals.

More at https://www.crkn-rcdr.ca/en/crkn-launches-pilot-transcription-project

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