24 July 2020

To Coventry with Findmypast

Records from three cemeteries have been added in this update to the collection of Warwickshire Burials.

Coventry, London Road Cemetery, 1916-2007, with 125,489 entries
Coventry, St Paul's Cemetery, 1893-1994, with 15,488 entries
Walsgrave on Sowe Cemetery, 1893-1994, with 2,503 entries.

The individual entries are transcripts. Linked images are maps showing the locations of the plot within the cemetery.

Warwickshire, Coventry Pawnbroker Tickets 1915-1923
These unique mementos from the First World War era reveal what the people of Coventry pawned and the money they made. As well as giving us an insight into the area's social history, the 11,143 records can also be useful for adding colour to Coventry family's past. They include details like:

Who pawned an item
Their address
What they pawned
How much they received

Covering transactions made at Wm. Brookes at 1-2 Silver Street and 118 Gosford Street and Philips Electric Arc Welding Ltd, the tickets were transcribed and provided by the Coventry Family History Society.

You may not be familiar with the term Sent to Coventry.

Also added this week, United States, Idaho, Reconstructed 1890 Idaho Census, 102,633 records assembled from records of births, marriages, deaths, wills, land and tax records, court records, mining and water rights, naturalisations and citizenship, information from Boise city directories, Boise County money orders and Century Farms records.

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