10 July 2020

Ian Wilson and Leslie Weir on Library and Archives Canada

Nigel Beale interviews:

Ian Wilson on Arthur Doughty & his monumental publishing achievement
"On the merger between Library and Archives, about Canada's great Dominion Archivist Arthur Doughty and Canada and its Provinces his monumental, under-appreciated nation-building publishing project, and about the essential role Library and Archives Canada plays, or doesn't play, in cultivating a distinctive national Canadian identity."

Leslie Weir on a brand new Library & Archives Canada
On the merging of Library and Archives, the mandate of LAC, federal government departmental libraries, the Library of Parliament, budgets, acquisitions, fundraising and the new LAC Foundation, author archives, Michael Ondaatje, exhibitions, the new LAC building, partnerships, Access to Information requests, the white diamond building, legal deposit, the Internet, Dominion Archivist Arthur Doughty, gold claims, book collecting culture, Pierre Berton, Kay Lamb, and Winston Churchill.

The interview with Ian Wilson is much more successful than that with Leslie Weir who was only 7 months into the position, just before the pandemic. Nigel Beale came to the latter interview with an agenda instead of listening and learning as in the Ian Wilson interview.


NigelBeale said...

You sound like a bureaucrat.

JDR said...

I appreciate the compliment.