19 July 2013

1842 census of Canada East (Quebec) and West (Ontario) now on LAC website

The following announcement is from Library and Archives Canada
Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce that Canadians can now access the Census of Canada West, 1842 as well as the Census of Canada East, 1842 online. In 1841, Upper Canada was renamed Canada West, whereas Lower Canada became Canada East. These two jurisdictions are now known as the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
Each census is partly nominal and contains the names of heads of family, their occupation and the number of residents for each family.
Users can search these new databases by the names of heads of family, as well as by geographical information such as district and sub-district names.
Canada East has 46,467 records, and West has 22,735 records searchable by name.
Using the information in these census images takes care. There are 72 columns associated with each head of household but on many images the column headings are missing or only numbered. A helpful listing of the column headings by column number consult http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/1842-canada-west/Pages/about-census.aspx..

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Jean said...

When I looked at a couple of images, there was only the first page (of 10 columns) for the persons listed. I didn't see any of the other many columns.