19 July 2013

Stories Once Told: More Tales from Our Ocean Heritage

Back in the days when I was researching natural disasters, especially those where adverse weather was a contributing factor, I became aware of Newfoundland researcher and writer Robert C. Parsons. He has produced a large number of books on Atlantic Shipwrecks. His newest book is "Stories Once Told: More Tales from Our Ocean Heritage." 
It contains: 51 stories, 230 pages, several illustrative photos and clips, index. In essence, an array of unique to curious to amazing tales of the seafaring exploits of our people.
The stories range geographically from the towns in Notre Dame Bay, eastward to Bonavista, Trinity and Conception Bays to the Avalon, along NL’s southern coastline and northward to the West Coast. Tales of heroism, tragedy, hardships and triumphs of our forefathers who plied the Atlantic’s trading and fishing lanes. It’s $20 and can be mailed anywhere in Canada for $25. 
Contact information at http://www.atlanticwrecks.com/contact.shtml

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