21 July 2013

Forensic Genealogy , revised

Good news, the release of a revised edition of Colleen Fitzpatrick's book Forensic Genealogy originally published in 2005.

"Offers useful information on applications of forensic science to genealogy in the area of photograph identification, database mining, and DNA analysis. Contains corrections to the original edition, plus updated information on DNA testing for genetic genealogy, including information on autosomal DNA testing.

Forensic scientists and genealogists share the same goal–to find out who was who, and who did what and when. In explaining how to analyze photographs, to mine databases, and to use DNA analysis to reveal family history, Forensic Genealogy emphasizes the creative parts of an investigation over the mechanics. Have you ever thought of looking at the edges of old photographs to find out if they are from the same roll, or the backs to place them in chronological order? Have you considered looking at a city directory to figure out if your ancestor and his wife lost any children? How about using DNA analysis to tie your family to the history and politics of a religious conflict?

Using the forensic investigation techniques presented in Forensic Genealogy you will:

Make unconventional discoveries from surprising sources

Gain an understanding of how your ancestors lived

Develop fascinating insights into your family history.

Forensic Genealogy will give you a sense of coming from a long line of real people who are not just names on a page."

Forensic Genealogy, Revised; by Colleen Fitzpatrick & Andrew Yeiser ; 1X+228 pp; Softcover; 2013; 8 x 9; CD-ROM included; ISBN: 9780976716075
Available directly at http://www.forensicgenealogy.info/services_1.html for $26.50US plus $12.95US shipping to Canada, $16.95US shipping to other non-US destinations.

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GeniAus said...

Thanks, John. Putting this on my 'to buy' list.