08 July 2013

The Ryerson Index

Ryerson is an Australian index to over four million death notices appearing in Australian newspapers along with some funeral notices, probate notices and obituaries. With four million records, and lots of ten pound poms having settled in Australia, it seemed worth a look. Its strength lies in notices from New South Wales papers and I remembered a classmate from university in England, Clive

Anthony Croxton, who died in Australia, settled there. He is listed in the index as having died nearly 20 years ago, on 12 September 1993, age 48.

Clive was a brilliant student who went on to obtain a PhD from Cambridge University, lecture at the university in Newcastle, Australia, and wrote several books. In the photo he is sitting next to the head of the department, E A Stewardson, with some guy named Reid on his other side.

There were 53 entries for people named Northwood, the name I'll be speaking of as a member of the one-name studies panel at September's BIFHSGO conference.

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