23 July 2013

Save Barnardo's photographic archive

Stored on around fifteen feet of shelving in archival boxes about 8 inches deep and about 20 inches high is a collection of historic photographs of children that came into care at Barnardo's Homes, some from 1875.
Among them are some of the 30,000 children who came to Canada.
Barnardo's now have better use of the space and are having the images digitized and then plan on disposing of the originals.
There's more at http://britishphotohistory.ning.com/profiles/blogs/barnardo-s-archive-up-for-grabs
Imagine original photos of Queen Victoria, or the new royal baby, being digitized and the originals disposed of. I think not.  Neither should this unique collection.
You can help find a home for the collection by signing an e-petition; it's quick, simple and free. Here's the link:


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