25 July 2013

Deceasedonline.com to add another Magnificent Seven London cemetery

After the successful launch of the Brompton Cemetery records, which attracted a lot of media attention, deceasedonline have announced they will be adding records from another of London's Magnificent Seven cemeteries, likely by the end of November. There's no indication of which one.
In addition to Brompton the Magnificant Seven are, north of the Thames, Kensal Green Cemetery (opened 1832), Highgate Cemetery (1839), Abney Park Cemetery (1840), Tower Hamlets Cemetery (1841). South of the river are West Norwood Cemetery (1837) and Nunhead Cemetery (1840).


Alison (Vancouver) said...

Crossing fingers that it's one other than Abney Park which has a large number of records already on line - for free.

Persephone said...

Thanks to Alison's comment, I went to check and confirmed burial dates for several family members, including a set of great-great-grandparents.