26 July 2013

Internet Genealogy: Aug/Sept 2013 issue

When I opened this issue my eye was immediately caught by the "Vote for Your Rock Star Genealogist" item on page 3. It promotes the survey starting on this blog on 1 September. Thanks to editor Ed Zapletal for giving it such prominence.

An item of special interest in this issue is British National Archives - Digital Microfilm Access by Ed Storey. While TNA isn't the only archives making digital microfilm available for finds not yet fully indexed their collection is deceptively extensive. The article highlights 10 examples of records of interest to genealogists, ADM-36, ADM-104/109, ADM-142/2, ADM-188 1/2, BT124/1, IR-1, RG-43, WO-42/43, WO-76, WO-65. Those likely don't mean much to most of us; find out details of these and other TNA digital microfilm at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/digital-microfilm.htm
Not covered in the article is the digital microfilm available from Library and Archives Canada, there's a listing at http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/microform-digitization/006003-110.011-e.php
A full listing of the issue contents is at http://www.internet-genealogy.com/issue_upcoming_previous.htm

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