08 July 2013

Loss of Lac-Mégantic Archives

Lac-Mégantic's history literally went up in smoke. According to a Toronto Star article the town's archives that had been housed at the library: baptism records that came over with colonists from France in the 17th century, local politicians' correspondence, and documents related to the various social clubs in town are gone.
What price our unique archival records? What cost their digitization?
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Wayne said...

While the loss of historical documents may be of concern to many down the road, this is not the time to headline the destruction of a building when the lives of dozens of people have been ended. Please, for now, let's save the grief for what really matters and send heartfelt condolences to the families of those who have been lost.

J said...

while I agree with Wayne to some degree, I also think that the loss of baptism records will be a source of great disappointment to these townsfolk. Quebecers, especially from small towns, take pride in their history, both as families and as a long-established community.