02 July 2013

Getting refreshments at LAC

If you're accustomed to eating lunch and taking breaks in the 5th floor cafeteria at 395 Wellington, Library and Archives Canada, the world has changed. The cafeteria is closed.
Now on the ground floor, in what used to be Exhibition Room D, there are a few vending machines, tables and chairs. You turn right on entering the building and its part-way down the corridor on the left. Bon appetit.
Cellphone photo courtesy of Doug Hoddinott.


Virginia MacLatchy said...

This is appalling client service. Since there are no restaurants close by, where are employees and visitors to go for a coffee break and lunch? I have a cousin arriving for her first visit to Ottawa tomorrow. We had planned to spend a day at LAC researching our shared family history and lunch in the cafeteria was going to facilitate that. Now we will lose an hour or more of research time having to go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The Place de Ville food court is about 2 blocks away (Lyon and Sparks) with a small selection of options.

Anonymous said...

Time to change the LAC orientation video again. It still says if you need a break or something to eat, go to the cafeteria on the 5th floor.

And why not go through the entire website, blogs, etcetc. and remove all the references to inter-library loan as well.

It kind of confusing.

Anonymous said...

I visited LAC's Wellington location in the summer of 2012. I was given a tour. The cafeteria had just been renovated and was presented to me with great pride. Why shutter it now?

Unless there are two cafeterias, one for the public and one for employees? Perhaps I saw one for employees only. Apologies for my terrible memory.