17 July 2013

FTDNA Sale Reminder

A reminder that the Family Tree DNA Summer Sale is due to end on the 26th, just a few days from now. Don't miss it, especially for the deep discount on the Family Finder (autosomal) test now on sale for $99.

Here are some talking points you may want to use in discussing this opportunuty for DNA testing:

·       Your DNA contains a natural record of your ancestry;
·       The analysis allows you to connect with other distant cousins in the company database who may have additional information about the family;
·       The analysis also allows you to determine your origins, which may be more diverse than you think; 
·       By taking the test you will be leaving a legacy; contributing results available to future generations, a natural family history record already written;
·       Family Tree DNA is a well respected pioneer company in genetic genealogy;
·       The company securely stores your DNA for further analysis as technological advances permit;
·       The DNA collection process is painless, quick and easy;
·       While $99.00 may seem like a considerable sum of money it is the lowest price ever & a small amount to satisfy your curiosity;

·       You can learn more from the FAQ at the company website at https://www.familytreedna.com/faq/  and specifically about the Family Finder test at https://www.familytreedna.com/faq/answers.aspx?id=17

With thanks to Anne Sterling.

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