21 July 2013

Finally ... Findmypast adds Canadian resources

It's been a long time coming. At WDYTYA? Live and RootsTech I was told that Canadian materials were coming to findmypast.com. Josh Taylor, company Business Development Manager, confirmed a few weeks ago that the Canadian material was imminent. Now a significant collection has appeared.

What's there? A long list, nearly 200 sources, and my list may not be complete. Sorry about the truncation of titles.

British Columbia, Canada- British Columbia From The Earliest Times To...
British Columbia, Canada- British Columbia From The Earliest Times To...
British Columbia, Canada- On Canada's Frontier
British Columbia, Canada- Sunset Canada - British Columbia and Beyond
British Columbia, Canada- The Gold Stripe, Nos 1-3, 1919
British Columbia, Canada- Year Book, 1903
Canada- 13th Battalion Royal Highlanders Of Canada, 1914 - 1919
Canada- 1837 Rebellion Losses, Claimants For Damages, 1849
Canada- 24th Battalion, C.E.F., Victoria Rifles Of Canada, 1914 - 191...
Canada- 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery, 1914-1919
Canada- 42nd Battalion, C.E.F. Royal Highlanders Of Canada
Canada- A History Of The War Of 1812
Canada- Barristers and Solicitors, 1919
Canada- Canada's Hundred Days
Canada- Canadian Militia, 1919
Canada- Elected Representatives and Civil Servants Of The Canadian Do...
Canada- Foreign Consuls, 1919
Canada- From The Rideau To The Rhine and Back
Canada- Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1930
Canada- History Of The 16th Battalion Cef, 1914-1919
Canada- History Of The 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion C.E.F., 1914...
Canada- History Of The Canadian Forces, 1914-19, Medical Services
Canada- History Of The Twentieth Canadian Battalion (Central Ontario ...
Canada- Letters From The Front, 1920
Canada- List Of Orders and Awards, 1919
Canada- Listings From The Wesleyan - Methodist Almanac For Canada, 18...
Canada- Nationwide (1872 and 1894), Quebec (1853)
Canada- Obituaries From The Canadian Annual Review Of Public Affairs,...
Canada- Officers and Men In The First Canadian Contingent, 1914
Canada- Official History Of The Canadian Forces In The Great War
Canada- Patents Of Canada, 1824-1849
Canada- Pathfinders Of The West
Canada- Presbyterian Pioneer Missionaries
Canada- Provincial Government Personnel List, 1919
Canada- Railways, Steamships & Steamboats In Canada
Canada- Regimental History Of The Governor General's Foot Guards
Canada- Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, C. E. F, 1914-1925
Canada- Royal Montreal Regiment, 1925-1945
Canada- Story Of The Sixty-Sixth C.F.A.
Canada- The Canada Directory, 1853/1854
Canada- The Century Cyclopedia Of Names
Canada- The Clergy Of Canada, 1919
Canada- The Irishman In Canada
Canada- The Loyalists Of America and Their Times From 1620 To 1816
Canada- The Peace River Country
Canada- The Scotch-Irish In Canada
Canada- The Tragic Story Of The Empress Of Ireland (and Other Great S...
Canada- Thrilling Experiences In The War In South Africa
Canada- Work Of The Canadian Archives, 1908 - 1913
Capt. Joseph Brant's Status As A Chief, and Some Of His Descendants
Chief Smoke Johnson
Ireland- Sketches Of Irish Soldiers In Every Land
Manitoba, Canada- 1951 List Of Electors For Rural Municipality Of Sou...
Manitoba, Canada- Provincial Telephone Directory #119, December 1947
New Brunswick Canada- New Brunswick In The 1940's
New Brunswick, Canada- The First Fifty Years Of The Church Of England...
Nova Scotia, Canada, A Chapter In The History Of The Township Of Onsl...
Nova Scotia, Canada- A Compendium Of The Shipping Of Yarmouth, 1761-1...
Nova Scotia, Canada- A History Of The County Of Antigonish
Nova Scotia, Canada- Cape Breton, Canada
Nova Scotia, Canada- Eastern District Telephone Directory, 1922
Nova Scotia, Canada- Historical and Genealogical Record Of The First ...
Nova Scotia, Canada- History Of Nova Scotia (Vol. 3)
Nova Scotia, Canada- Nova Scotia In Its Historical, Mercantile and In...
Nova Scotia, Canada- One Hundred Years With The Baptists Of Amherst
Nova Scotia, Canada- Relief Map & Directory, 1931
Nova Scotia, Canada- The History Of The Presbyterian Church In Cape B...
Nova Scotia, Canada- Yarmouth Past and Present, A Book Of Reminiscenc...
Nova Scotia, Canada- Yarmouth...A Sequel To Campbells History
Nova Society, Nova Scotia's Part In The Great War
Nova Soctia- Halifax & District Telephone Directory, 1950
Ontario, Canada, Ottawa & Kingston City Directory, 1875
Ontario, Canada- A Biographical History Of Waterloo Township and Othe...
Ontario, Canada- A History Of Simcoe County
Ontario, Canada- A History Of The County Of Grey
Ontario, Canada- Annual Report Of St. Paul's Church, Hamilton, 1905 -...
Ontario, Canada- Baptism Records Of Rev. John Langhorn(Church Of Engl...
Ontario, Canada- Baptism Register Of Rev. Robert McDowall (Presbyteri...
Ontario, Canada- Baptisms In St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Churches, Ni...
Ontario, Canada- Belleville Directory, 1940
Ontario, Canada- Berlin Celebration Of Cityhood
Ontario, Canada- Burial Records Of Rev. John Langhorn.(Church Of Engl...
Ontario, Canada- Canada. Its Defences, Condition, and Resources
Ontario, Canada- Church Of England Synod Proceedings, Extracted Perso...
Ontario, Canada- Commemorative Biographical Record Of The County Of L...
Ontario, Canada- Commemorative Biographical Record Of The County Of Y...
Ontario, Canada- David Zeisberger and His Delaware Indians
Ontario, Canada- Directory Of Smiths Falls, 1948
Ontario, Canada- Early Days At Port Ryerse
Ontario, Canada- Early Records Of Burials In St. Mark's and St. Andre...
Ontario, Canada- Early Records Of Weddings At St. Mark's and St. Andr...
Ontario, Canada- First World War, London's Honor Roll
Ontario, Canada- Fleming's Farm and Live Stock Almanac, 1916
Ontario, Canada- Galt, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Telephone Director...
Ontario, Canada- Golden Jubilee, The T. Eaton Co. Ltd., 1869 - 1919
Ontario, Canada- Governor Simcoe's Tour Through Southern Ontario
Ontario, Canada- Hamilton Centennial 1846 - 1946
Ontario, Canada- Historical Sketch Of Markham Township, 1793 - 1950
Ontario, Canada- Historical Sketches Of The County Of Elgin
Ontario, Canada- History Of Toronto and County Of York, Ontario
Ontario, Canada- History Of Leeds & Grenville From 1749 To 1879
Ontario, Canada- History Of The County Of Bruce
Ontario, Canada- History Of The County Of Lennox and Addington
Ontario, Canada- History Of The County Of Middlesex, Canada
Ontario, Canada- History Of The County Of Perth From 1825 To 1902
Ontario, Canada- History Of The Ottawa Valley
Ontario, Canada- History Of The Settlement Of Upper Canada
Ontario, Canada- Illustrated Historical Atlas Of Frontenac, Lennox an...
Ontario, Canada- Inscriptions & Graves In The Niagara Peninsula
Ontario, Canada- Land Settlement In Upper Canada 1783-1840
Ontario, Canada- Local History Of The Town Of Brockville
Ontario, Canada- Marriage Records Of Rev. John Langhorn (Church Of En...
Ontario, Canada- Marriage Register Of Rev. Robert McDowall (Presbyter... Ontario, Canada- Marriage Register Of Stephen Conger, Jusitce Of The ...
Ontario, Canada- Midland High School Review, Year Book, 1932
Ontario, Canada- Ontario County; A Short Sketch Of Its Settlement, Ph...
Ontario, Canada- Original Constitution and Membership, Ontario Histor...
Ontario, Canada- Ottawa City Directory, 1909
Ontario, Canada- Ottawa City Directory, 1926
Ontario, Canada- Ottawa Past and Present
Ontario, Canada- Past Years In Pickering
Ontario, Canada- Pembroke Ontario's Centenary
Ontario, Canada- Pioneer Life In Zorra
Ontario, Canada- Pioneer Papers Nos. 1-6, Simcoe County Early History
Ontario, Canada- Pioneer Sketches In The District Of Bathurst
Ontario, Canada- Provincial Government Personnel List, 1919
Ontario, Canada- Queens University Summer School Prospectus, 1943
Ontario, Canada- Recollections and Records Of Toronto Of Old
Ontario, Canada- Reminiscences Of The First Settlers In The County Of...
Ontario, Canada- Report Of The Ottawa and Hull Fire Relief Fund
Ontario, Canada- Roll Of Pupils Of Upper Canada College, Toronto, 183...
Ontario, Canada- Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry- A History
Ontario, Canada- The Canadian Biographical Dictionary,1880
Ontario, Canada- The Ethnographical Elements Of Ontario
Ontario, Canada- The Great Western Railway
Ontario, Canada- The History Of The County Of Welland, Ontario
Ontario, Canada- The Hub and The Spokes - The Capital and Its Environ...
Ontario, Canada- The Magnet (Vol. 8, No. 1), Jarvis Collegiate Instiu...
Ontario, Canada- The Migration Of Voyageurs From Drummond Island To P...
Ontario, Canada- The Naming Of London Streets
Ontario, Canada- The Parish Register Of Kingston (Ontario) Upper Cana...
Ontario, Canada- The Pioneers Of Old Ontario
Ontario, Canada- The Proudfoot Papers Per L&M.H.S.
Ontario, Canada- The Settlement Of London
Ontario, Canada- The Settlers Of Lobo Township
Ontario, Canada- The Society Of Friends Of Lobo Township
Ontario, Canada- The Story Of Dundas
Ontario, Canada- The Township Of Scarboro, 1796 - 1896
Ontario, Canada- The Village Of London
Ontario, Canada- The War Book Of Upper Canada College, Toronto, 1914-...
Ontario, Canada- The Western University
Ontario, Canada- The White Chief Of The Ottawa
Ontario, Canada- Toronto & The Home District Directory, 1837
Ontario, Canada- Toronto's 100 Years
Ontario, Canada- Toronto, Hamilton & London, Society Blue Book , 1900
Ontario, Canada- Torontonensis - The Year Book Of The University Of T...
Ontario, Canada- Torontonensis - The Year Book Of The University Of T...
Ontario, Canada- United Empire Loyalists Of The Old Johnstown Distric...
Ontario, Canada- University Of Toronto Roll Of Service, 1914-1918
Ontario, Canada- University Of Toronto, Commencement Program, 1947
Ontario, Canada- Vernon's London Directory, 1944
Ontario, Canada- Welland County Minutes, 1936
Ontario, Canada the Fathers Of London Township
Quebec, Canada- A History Of The Eastern Townships
Quebec, Canada- Histoire De Longueuil Et De La Famille De Longueuil
Quebec, Canada- Lovell's Business & Professional Directory, 1890-1891
Quebec, Canada- McGill University At War, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
Quebec, Canada- McGill University, Directory Of Graduates. 1946
Quebec, Canada- Pioneers Of The Upper Ottawa and The Humors Of The Va...
Quebec, Canada- Sketches Of Some Early Shefford Pioneers
Quebec, Canada- Storied Province Of Quebec - Biographies (Vols. 3-5)
Quebec, Canada- Storied Province Of Quebec - History (Vols. 1-2)
Quebec, Canada- The Call To Arms
Quebec, Canada- The History Of The Parish Of Hull Quebec, 1823-1923
Richard John Uniacke, A Sketch
Saskatchewan, Canada- History Of Saskatchewan and Its People - Biogra...
Saskatchewan, Canada- History Of Saskatchewan and Its People - Histor...
Saskatchewan, Canada- Saskatoon Telephone Directory, 1944
Saskatchewan, Canada- The Greyston
Some Descendants Of Joseph Brant
The Bramshott Souvenir Magazine
The Gilbert Family History (Vol. 5), Ancestry Of William Forbes
The Gilbert Family History (Vol. 6), Ancestry Of Ezra Holton
The Gilbert Family History (Vols. 1 & 2), Ancestry Of Nancy Treadway...
The Gilbert Family History (Vols. 3 & 4), Ancestry Of Daniel Britton ...
The Gilbert Family History, (Vols. 7 & 8), Ancestry Of Solomon Gilbe...
The Reverend Richard Bradford
The Scotch-Irish In South-Western Pennsylvania.
The Winslow Papers, 1776-1826
United Kingdom- Attleborough In War Time
United Kingdom- London In The Olden Time
United States- Officers and Members Of The Scotch-Irish Society Of Am...
United States- The Scotch-Irish People- Their Influence In The Format...
United States/Canada- Directory Of The Biscuit and Cracker Bakers Of
United States/Canada- Lovell's Gazetteer Of British North America, 18.
United States/Canada- The Blue Book, Textile Directory, 1897-1898

I'm fairly certain these come from a local Ottawa company specializing in digitization of historical materials, but won't mention them by name as I was unable to reach the company for confirmation.

For the present these records are incorporated into the findmypast.com site. Look for the company to open up findmypast.ca in a few months.

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Wow! That's quite the list. I'm glad now I renewed my memberhsip to Find My Past (at an acceptable discounted rate). Can't wait to browse this new material. There's bound to be something of interest for me.