27 July 2013

Opportunity at LAC?

Two items came to my attention recently, and caused reflection on Library and Archives Canada.

The Halcyon is the newsletter of the Friends of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto. The June issue is here (pdf). Printed in three column format, with colour illustrations and obvious care to appearance, it does justice to the scholarship evident in the content.

The American Studies blog of the British Library makes frequent mention of Canada-related items in its collection. Subsequent to the royal birth there's a item on Prince George, BC; more generally on Canada's royalist sentiment; and Arctic Journeys. That's just in July.

My reflection on LAC, it has nowhere to go but up.

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Archivus said...

The National Archives and the National Library had informative and well designed publications prior to amalgamation several years ago. Both included articles by staff on aspects of the holdings, new acquisitions and so on and served to promote our national archives and library.Both would have translated nicely to the online environment, but they were cancelled when the "new" institution was created and never replaced (although promised by senior officials). LAC needs to find a way to promote its value to the research community and to Canadians at large -- by publicizing its unique holdings, new acquisitions, and developing (or re-developing) staff expertise.