30 July 2013

Michael`s Bay Cemetery success story

Today let's celebrate a local initiative for cemetery preservation.

Last October there was an article Michael’s Bay Society fears for historic cemetery sites in pioneer village in the Manitoulin Expositor telling a story of the efforts to preserve a local cemetery. But there was a catch, a prohibition by the RCMP against anyone entering the property, the result of a legal conflict involving a company in Belgium. They were stymied..

I learned, following a lead from a comment on a post on this blog sent by Doug Tracy, a retired Manitoulin Funeral Director, that the roadblock is now removed. When the RCMP told everyone that the property was seized by the Belgium Government and no one could enter the property they were misinformed. When contacted the owners in Belgium readily gave permission to enter the property to clean up one of the cemeteries which has 43 graves.
An article in the July 4th issue of the Manitoulin Expositor (no link) reports on progress in remedying 125 years of neglect: clean up of fallen trees and build up of branches and leaves is underway and a volunteer is making 43 white crosses to mark the graves.

Congratulations to Friend's of the Ghost Town of Michael`s Bay, Fred Hunter, Doug Tracy and Bill Wilson, for their initiative and perseverance.

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