29 July 2013

FHS fees 2013

What does a family history/genealogy society membership cost? Here are the figures for Canadian residents converted to Canadian dollars where applicable.

 Annual   Subscription   Society
$82.21   New England Historic Genealogical Society  
$75   Ontario Genealogical Society (plus one branch membership)
$68.49   Society of Australian Genealogists
$66.84   National Genealogical Society (US)
$65   Quebec Family History Society
$53.27   Queensland Family History Society
$50   Alberta Genealogical Society
$50   Victoria Genealogical Society (Canada)
$49   Society of Genealogists (UK)
$45   British Columbia Genealogical Society
$40   British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
$40   Manitoba Genealogical Society
$40   Saskatchewan Genealogical Society
$35.99   Southern California Genealogical Society
$35   New Brunswick Genealogical Society
$30   Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
$22.94   Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry (UK)
$21.59   Sussex Family History Group (UK)
$18.98   Norfolk Family History Society (UK)

Naturally, what you get for your money, especially unique databases, varies.

1 comment:

Wayne said...

Two more great deals - Devon Family History Society, Cdn $32.47 and Alberta Family Histories Society, $35. Both have great quarterly journals, monthly presentations by genealogy experts as well as first class publications.